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Townsend Rod and Gun Club “A sportsmen’s oasis” just forty miles from Boston.”
Come JOIN us today to have a Private Place of your own and your family will thank you all year. The Townsend Rod and Gun Club is the largest land owner in Townsend with over three hundred acres of conservation land. The club manages their property as a working tree farm and hunting preserve. With many trails through out the property which are used for cross country skiing, snow-shoeing, snowmobile, mountain biking, ATV’s, nature walks and of course hunting during regulated seasons. In addition to the large property holding we have indoor and outdoor archery ranges - with winter leagues, a large trout pond - with some amazingly large trout, many small brooks with brook trout, hundred yard rifle range, clay target shooting range - now with wobble trap, plus a five stand sporting clays coming soon, an unmanaged bass pond, and we even have a cable down the middle of a pond for coon dog racing. The Best Part For just the cost of a large latte coffee once a week, your entire family can have access and enjoy these facilities year round, so click here to join now.  Your kids will thank you forever and we’ll see you all in the great outdoors. Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact any member of our Board of Directors listed here. DID YOU KNOW Just by clicking the about buttons that you kind find all kinds of information? Latest Fish and Game News releases from both New Hampshire and Mass. Directions to our club Information about other clubs in the area. Photos and stories of our various groups Our current and past Newsletters If there's something you'd like to see posted on our site just let our designers know by clicking the bottom right button and we'll see about getting it listed. Watch for our Kid's Coloring Page coming soon.
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Greetings from Townsend Rod and Gun Club President Jim Gasper and Wayne LaPierre.
Are you looking for a “Private Club” to hunt and fish at? A place where families are welcome and you can shoot your guns and bows year round. A private place to fish for trout and bass -- - you just found it! 
Supporting Local Merchants “Makes Your Club Grow” These are the business sponsors that support your club year round by donating their time, prizes and other types of materials. Many of these business people are also your fellow members. So this is the time of year that we as members of the TRGC should be showing our support for them and shopping with them first as a way of sharing a Happy Holiday Greetings.